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Why living purely digital is nuts

Building on this discussion, I got into an online argument with someone who accused my views of being generational, e.g. old people want face-to-face, young people don’t care. They argued that sex will be better in virtual worlds and no one needs to go out anymore. They believe we can …

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The case against NFTs

I’d just written my two pieces last week about non fungible tokens (NFTs) … WTF is an NFT? NFTs show why banks must focus upon digital asset management … when I spotted a fellow blogger and colleague who I respect, Sebastien Meunier, had written about them too. In Sebastien’s case, …

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Digital’s impact on towns: the end of main street

I’ve had several debates about the closure of shopping malls, the end of offices and the deserted high streets and main streets of the world. Add Covid lockdown to retail meltdown and the shops are disappearing faster than Donald Trump’s tweets. Thing is, the real question is: what is the …

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Where is the Intelligent Bank?

I wrote a blog a few days ago about money not being about jars and pots. The gist of the blog is that it annoys me when banks offer different sections for different objectives: savings, education, wedding, holiday and so on. The blog got some pushback, saying that people on …

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