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The new FinTech Bank

I launched ValueWeb in Singapore yesterday and my friend Vladislav Solodkiy, Managing Partner at FinTech VC Fund Life.SREDA, hosted the evening.  He was kind enough to share his speech with me, so I thought I’d copy it here and share with you.  Enjoy! From BaaS and neobanks to FINTECH-BANK Fintech is currently …

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As machines take over, what will happen to the people?

I’m often asked, as we move more and more to digital communications: what will happen to the people?  What will happen to the people?  As we move to robotics, automated agents, augmented and artificial intelligence, what will happen to the people.  If we have no branches, no structures and no …

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Open sourcing finance: you cannot delegate this project

Talking about transformation at conferences every day gets you into a mantra.  My mantra is leadership and how banks lack technological leadership.  The pushback is that you have too many technologists without banking knowledge.  We need banks run by people who understand money, and they can tell the technologists what …

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Are we in danger of creating faster horses?

I’m often talking about Victorian visions of the future to illustrate the issue we have today. The Victorian vision of the future was dealing with a number of problems, one of which was horse shit. Manure. Manure was a massive issue.   Victorian Britain had too many horses and carriages on …

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The $100m start-up blockchain fund

I know many of my twitter followers have seen this news already, but here’s the official announcement of the partnership we are creating with Life.SREDA in Singapore. SINGAPORE-BASED LIFE.SREDA LAUNCHES $100 MILLION BLOCKCHAIN INVESTMENT FUND LONDON, APRIL 18 2016 Life.SREDA, a venture capital fund based in Singapore, has partnered with …

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