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More Banking Statistics: Home Ownership

Following on from the comments on UK Bank Stats from the BBA, and the report from TheCityUK, here's a few more statistics focused upon home ownership. Just a century ago, nine out of ten homes were rented in the UK compared to only one in three today. Since 1976, owner-occupier households have risen from 55%…

UK Home Ownership

More UK banking stats

Following on from yesterday's number – UK Bank Stats: a fascinating portrait of life -I was sent another report today from TheCityUK, the trade body that promotes the interests of the City of London.There’s loads of numbers in this document that are useful, which I will post in a few separate blog entries starting with…

UK Bank Stats: a fascinating portrait of life

I just got a copy of the BBA’s Annual Abstract of Banking Statistics. Fascinating stuff, and the data shows a real insight into the way we are living our lives.  For example, every ten minutes: 35,000 people use the internet to check their bank account balance or statement on-line, 4,500 people are paying bills via…

The World’s Top 20 Banks 1994-2010 … Anglo-American Banking Rules!

I’ve just received this month’s Banker magazine which the editor, Brian Caplen, describes as their most important issue of the year as it covers the latest Bank 1000 listings. This year’s listings show a surprisingly stable crew of American and British banks. World   Bank                       …

Top 40 Banks, 1994-2000

Numbers: State Bank of India

I love talking to Chinese and Indian banks, just by the sheer drama of hearing their numbers. For example, I talked with State Bank of India this week.  They have: 150 million customers 11 million High Net Worth customers who earn >US$10,000 per month Increased their ATM network from 12,000 to 20,000 units over the…

Why the G20 will disagree with the IMF reforms

I don’t know if any of you read the IMF report recommending two new bank taxes: a bank levy based upon the risk banks represent, called a Financial Stability Contribution (FSC); and a straight tax on profits and bonuses called the Financial Activities Tax (FAT). If you haven't, then I can recommend it's worth a…

IMF Chart1

And here’s some commercial payments news

I sometimes get unusual things in the email – no comments thanks – such as the full post-conference write up of a cards and commercial payments conference in the USA last month. Here’s a few quotes and notes that caught my attention … Marcie Verdin, Group Head of Large Market Segment, Global Commercial Products (why…

Why mobile is changing the banking planet

Back in 2004, I asked a group of bankers when mobile would take off in banking. They all said: “not in our lifetimes”. In 2007, Bank of America launched their mobile banking applications and has seen a rapid uptake of users. In less than a year, they reached a million customers on mobile, and saw…

A majority vote social media as important – critical for banking

Earlier this year we surveyed the Financial Services Club members and readers of the Finanser for their views on social networking and social media in banking. In February, we published the initial results as a qualitative report and now we have crunched the numbers to produce the quantitative report. There were 444 respondents to the…

Bankers bonuses in graphics just sent me this lovely graphic that puts the banker bonuses in context quite well …  


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