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40% of City workers to lose their jobs


I’ve recently been thinking about headcount cuts. It’s always hard … And it's getting harder. For example, I wrote in August that thousands of bank jobs were being cut, adding up to an expectation of 15,000 City jobs this year. Each job loss represents a significant loss to the economy, especially …

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Bank branches again …


There’s been quite a lot of coverage recently of the British Bankers Association’s (BBA) report about bank branch closures in the UK. Based upon the stats, UK banks are closing three branches a week.  That still leaves over 9,000 branches out there, but they are shrinking. The reasons are many …

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The Top 20 Banks of the World, 2011: China hits the Big Time

Top 20 banks, 2011

I’ve enjoyed the Banker’s Top 1000 listings for a long time now and, when last year’s listings came out, looked back over the last twenty years to see how things had changed. This year’s list has now just been published (get a copy by subscribing) and makes for interesting reading, especially …

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Are payments infrastructures fit for purpose?

Cognizant dinner

During the spring, we reached out and asked readers and FSClub members to provide their views, via an online survey, of the world's largest payments infrastructures and whether they are fit for the purpose they are being used for today. Last night, we released the results of the research at …

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A mass of social media and web 2.0 stats

I like numbers and haven't posted any for a while. So I was pleased to find a bunch of useful social stats while crawling the net the other day.   These stats starkly put into context why social networking and social media is important. It's important in all walks of …

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Extremely Vital Statistics

I found a mixed bag of themes this week as I’m scooping up numbers. First, some interesting numbers include the fact that Google has 750 people working in their Payments Division, having just hired PayPal veteran Osama Bedier to lead it. This is at the same time as PayPal hire …

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Banking on Angry Birds


Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been hopelessly devoted to Angry Birds, along with about 75 million other people. 75 million! That’s 75 million playing a game on their smartphone. That’s more than the whole population of Britain all playing Angry Birds. Wow! How did that happen and what’s …

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The True Story of Debt in the UK

Want to know the true story of debt in the UK?  Well, here's a few stats and facts: Just to emphasise a few of these numbers: Total personal debt in the UK is running at £1.45 trillion (that's £1,454,000,000,000)  Individuals owe more in personal debt than the country's annual output …

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Barclays: Banks Behaving Badly

I got a note today regarding the fact that the Head of Barclays Global Retail Division, Antony Jenkins, appeared on BBC Radio’s Today program this morning saying that the level of consumer complaints to banks in general, and to Barclays specifically, is “not acceptable”. The Financial Ombudsman Service said it …

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The biggest banks by assets

Here is the City has done a nice job of crunching some data to come up with a list of the biggest banks in the world by assets under management as at 31st October 2010. BNP Paribas $3.12 trillion in assets (+34.47%)* HSBC $2.74 trillion (+12.46%) Barclays $2.71 trillion (+37.03%) …

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Britain’s Best Bank 2010: HSBC

Final Result

OK, so it's not scientific, but I've been looking at the UK's banks from four dimensions this week: Customers Employees Investors Regulators To the best of my databank's knowledge, the attributes and reviews are pretty accurate and have turned up some surprising results.  For example, who would have thought that …

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Britain’s Best and Worst Banks for Regulators

Capital Ratio

This week is dedicated to assessing the UK's best and worst banks from four dimensions: Customers Employees Investors Regulators Having looked at the banks from the customers’ perspective on Monday, employees on Tuesday and investors on Wednesday, today it’s the turn of the regulator. Now the regulators have been in …

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Britain’s Best and Worst Banks for Investors

Banker Magazine Analysis

This week is dedicated to assessing the UK's best and worst banks from four dimensions: Customers Employees Investors Regulators Having looked at the banks from the customers’ perspective on Monday and employees on Tuesday, today it’s the turn of the investment community’s view. Now then, you could say that this …

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