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Do we have a work-life balance anymore?

What is work-life balance these days?  I accidentally on purpose started an interesting debate on LinkedIn. It began because someone posted on LinkedIn how proud they were of celebrating their sixteenth wedding anniversary, with photos of their wedding from 1995, and tagging a load of people.   I found it annoying. I …

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Rip it up and start again

I spotted two updates recently. The first is the half a billion dollar mistake at Citigroup. The second is how Amazon created Amazon Web Services (AWS). The two pieces go hand-in-hand. First, how could Citigroup make a billion dollar mistake? User Interface. The mistake was made by a worker in …

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Banks waste billions on digital

How much money is wasted by banks on digital? I wonder whether, one day, anyone will work out how much money has been wasted by banks on digital technologies. Various reports reckon that banks spend anything from half a trillion dollars a year on tech to over a trillion. Two …

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Banks embrace the gig economy

I just got a report from PwC and my heart sank. The headline is: Financial institutions to significantly increase use of gig economy workers to upskill workforce PwC report suggests up to a fifth of future workforces in financial services could be gig employees The detail is: Importing the digital …

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2021: things can only get better

This is my last blog of 2020, so I thought I would look back at the year with a personal view. A terrible year. A year of locked down loneliness for many. In my case, it’s been hard. I am used to being in a different country every other day, …

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Can we change The System? Yes, we can … ish

I woke up yesterday to find this story on Sifted, the Financial Times newish platform dedicated to innovation and FinTech: Fintechs to cosy up with politicians to counter ‘big bank lobby’ It’s interesting, especially for a guy like me who has hovered around all of the lobbies mentioned. The gist …

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