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Let the iWars begin


Inspired by three events this week, I focused on apps for my panel discussion today … and got shot down in flames for talking bollards. Harrumph. Here are the events, the logic, the proposal and why it got shot down. First, the events. Event number one: my first iPhone My …

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The World of Me (Part Two)


Building on the World of Me post last week, I’ve just found out how powerful the tools are that are at our disposal today. This week, I’m meant to be chairing a conference in Bahrain: MEFTEC.  MEFTEC is now in its sixth year, and I’ve attended every year as a …

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Branches are dead, the future is social


I haven’t posted a presentation recently.  Been a bit lazy, so here’s a bonus. My latest presentation on the future of (retail) banking: Branches are dead, the future is social View more presentations from Chris Skinner. And an audio file to go with it: Download Chris Skinner, EBF2010 (45MB) This …

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The World of Me

FSClub 2000

I was watching a program about Sandi Thom. Sandi was the girl who played music in her bedroom, put it on MySpace, got picked up by a record firm and became an overnight star with a massive hit: "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)" …

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The “Vampire Squid” squeaks

After the long analysis of Jamie Dimon’s 36-page shareholder letter, we now have an 8-page shareholder letter from Goldman Sachs. I cannot remember such letters being of such interest in the past, and wonder if the let’s tell-all letter writing from Bank CEOs is the new fashion for the teens …

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Why PayPal et al REALLY matter!

PayPal for biz

So yesterday I argued that PayPal and their brethren of social monies don’t matter. It was like unleashing the sceptical banker that I know resides deep within me, and it felt good. Then I got a dose of new reality vision (maybe due to so many comments on yesterday’s piece) …

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Why PayPal et al don’t matter

Many of us get excited about new and different toys in the payments world. From Jack Dorsey’s twittering Square to PayPal’s billions of payments, we think the world is changing dramatically. SMS texting payments in Africa and credit exchanges on Facebook add weight to our arguments for change in the …

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The land of a thousand voices


It seems that I’m having a long whinge and rant all week, but I’m trying not to. What I’m really trying to do is to get some answers to this crisis of confidence in the banks and, consequently, the banking system. This is nothing to do with the credit crisis, …

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Why Heads of Innovation are actually Bottoms

Over the past year, most of the banks I deal with have dropped the word ‘innovation’ from their mantra. It’s strange but true that the focus upon being innovative had been such a focal point during the 2000s and now it’s all over. To illustrate the point, the Top 10 …

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Banks aren’t charities, so why do we treat them that way?

Banks aren’t charities and yet the non-stop bleating about bonuses and interest rates would make you think they should be run as though they were not-for-profits. But banks aren't not-for-profit; they are proprietary firms with stock listings. They are there to make money, not to exist for the public good. …

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