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Things worth reading: 7th November 2017

Things we’re reading today include … Challenger bank Monzo raises another £71m How the Queen was dragged into tax havens affair Regulator mulls compensation for bank scams Saudi billionaire Alwaleed’s arrest rattles investors Who is Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the ‘Arabian Warren Buffett’ at the centre of the Saudi anti-corruption purge? Aldermore …

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Five FinTech Themes from 2017

Following on from talking around the big ten tech themes last Friday, I thought I would follow up with five FinTech themes for right now.  This came out of a keynote speech I gave at Celero’s 9th annual technology conference in Canada last week. It was fun with the CEO, Bob …

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The digital transformation journey

I find more and more people are starting to understand that digital is a transformation project, not just an adjunct to business as usual. But there needs to be more of them. We can liken most people’s thinking about digital in banking for example, to the thinking within the media …

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Sam Maule joins 11:FS

You may be aware that I am a Non-Executive Director of 11:FS. If not, have you not been awake for the past year, and the success the guys are having? Not only have they won some of the biggest digital bank transformation projects in Europe – beating the likes of …

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Jobs of the future

There are lots of reports of robots taking jobs from humans, and our fear for the future world of no work.  One paper from researchers at Oxford University predicts that 47% of American jobs are at “high risk” of computerisation over the next two decades.  Another research report issued in 2015 …

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When will we pass the Turing Test?

The Turing test, developed by Alan Turing in 1950, is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. Although there had been numerous claims that Eugene Goostman passed the Turing test, that simply is not true. Let us just say that he cheated the test in a …

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