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What’s next, after digital?

I was invited to do a keynote for a Canadian conference the other day, but on a subject different to my normal digital stuff. The theme was sustainable finance. I decided to take a different tack and talk about my other big passion: purpose-driven banking. Here’s the presentation and transcript. …

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Things worth reading: 7th August 2020

Things we’re reading today include … Why European banks expect fewer bad loans than American rivals Bank of England boss Bailey backs end of furlough scheme High-cost lenders using ‘exotic holidays’ to encourage debt Why stock markets are defying a shrinking economy Will Covid make countries drop cash and adopt …

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Digital Banking for the Poor

I have a few friends around the world that I pick up on, and The World Bank and CGAP are amongst that crew. Therefore, when I saw that Peter Zetterli, senior financial sector specialist with CGAP, was blogging about financial inclusion I couldn’t but help reach out to him and …

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The world’s best banks, according to Forbes

Forbes just launched a list of the world’s best banks, based upon a survey of over 40,000 consumers in partnership with Statista. I’m always wary of such surveys as, like influencer lists, they often reflect the world they want and miss a lot of what’s really happening. Nevertheless, there are some …

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