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What did Jack Ma say?

I’m spending the week in China with Alibaba and ANT Financial. More details to follow, as this is all building towards a case study chapter in my new book Digital Human, and sat amongst 2,000 fans listening to Jack Ma yesterday and his vision of the future. Jack spoke in …

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Homogenizing the world

I’ve pretty much been travelling the world on business non-stop for thirty years, and something has fundamentally changed during that period.  Obviously, the internet and mobile and global connectivity, but also the homogeneity of globalisation.  I remember flying into Singapore’s brand spanking new Changi Airport in 1987 and my disappointment …

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How we travel today will change massively tomorrow

I was chatting with a friend about what he’s up to these days.  He started talking earnestly about looking up his family ancestry.  With the internet these days, you can quickly find your grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents and even your birth mother.  He had traced some parts of his …

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Are you a Chinese bull or bear?

I’m hearing murmurs of a financial crisis rising again.  It’s just rumours and gossip, but sometimes there’s no smoke without fire.  My forecast for another major global financial crisis was that it wouldn’t occur until the 2040s but, as James Dimon noted, a financial crisis generally appears around every seven …

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