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TFI Friday … the funniest bank ads

It’s Friday so it’s fun day. Just browsing around for a few amuse bouches, and found these adverts for various banks around the world. This is partly because of the post I made about Japan’s banking adverts, which inspired a few readers to send in their versions. This one is from …

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The last typewriter … what next?


I just saw a note today that the Science Museum has acquired the very last typewriter produced by the Brother factory: “The factory’s 200 employees witnessed the final model of the Brother CM-1000 being packed into its box to a soundtrack of emotional sighs and cheers. This object is the 5,855,533rd …

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A hundred years of cash


A hundred years ago, things were different but the same. We needed to eat, but what we ate was very much a national rather than international cuisine. We had to travel, but we would walk, bicycle of take the train. We enjoyed entertainment, with a visit to the cinema once …

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Has your customer sold their soul?

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 08.41.08

Every time I click on something online, I get this funny thing about agreeing terms and conditions. The popup window appears and my brain shuts down.  I just hit ‘accept’, ‘agree’ and move on. I guess the reason is that I don’t care what the small print says, I just …

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Yes, Prime Minister: Boring Liars

Yes PM

Every now and again I fall into the position of writing an episode of today’s issues set in a classic British sitcom.  Monty Python and Yes Minister are the two comedies that set much of my outlook on life and so, to celebrate the events in the City of the past week, …

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Anyone for cricket?

Cricket pitch

I've worked around the City most of my adult life, but still get a surprise when you find something new there.  Yesterday was one of those days, when I discovered that there is a full size cricket pitch in the middle of the City. No, this is not photoshop.  It's …

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Is it just me, or is everything just …


I’m having one of those days. It started off OK, and then it just went downhill. So I was going to blog about various market opportunities and ideas in banking and then thought: sod it, time for a whinge. The whinge is because I’ve suddenly turned from being a young …

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Is the Queen worth it?


I was travelling on British Airways the other day, and really enjoyed their article in Business Life Magazine about how much the Queen costs the economy, As a result, I thought it worth posting today as we’re about to head off on a four-day vacation in Britain to celebrate her …

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European leaders agree wording for Greece deal

As we approach euro meltdown (join our webinar with GTNews on Tuesday for more on this), I thought it might be worth listening in to the videocall that took place between Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and European …

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Studies prove that trading turns you into an arsehole

For the past few weeks, the daily headlines have included report after report of insider dealings, trades that were rigged, interest rate setting practices where banks fix things to make a buck and worse.  Here are three examples from just this morning's news: Senior bankers caught up in film investment …

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On Valentine’s Day, do you love your bank?


Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s the usual raft of bank-related love and hate going around. Most of the Valentine’s Day headlines are about giving gifts that won’t break the bank. That’s not surprising when, in the US alone, total jewellery spending is expected to top a staggering $4 billion, …

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Reasons to reject the euro

MErkel Cameron

There’s still lots of debate about the euro and Eurozone, with Greece imploding and now Italy et al all going up the Furka Pass, so to speak. Now I’ve been purposefully avoiding getting into the fray, as it’s not my place, although I’m quite outspoken in media outlets about such …

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