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Will the war on cash ever stop?

I’ve been writing about the war on cash for years. It’s a constant theme that comes up at conferences like SIBOS, and the first time I think I heard the phrase was a Visa presentation back in the 2000s. Back in 2012, I wrote about a Pew report that surveyed a range of experts about mobile…

Should a bank close a customer’s account because they disagree with their views?

From The Times: ‘Until last summer, Nigel Farage had dealt with the same relationship manager at Coutts for years. Then Mark Pierce left for the rival private bank Arbuthnot Latham, and responsibility for the outspoken Brexiteer’s accounts passed to a Coutts executive named Min Fung. The former Ukip leader’s first conversation with Fung was also his…

Britain’s digital divide: 7 million households have no internet access

7 million households have no internet access according to the UK’s House of Lords’ Communications and Digital Committee (CDC) published, who its report at the end of June titled: Digital exclusion. Summarising their findings they say that the Government has “no credible strategy” to tackle digital exclusion. That’s a good start isn’t it? Statistics flagged…

How much energy should a monetary system consume?

I caused quite a debate on twitter over the weekend when sharing the supposed fact that one bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of energy as a US household uses over a month. ONE Bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of energy as a US household uses over a month — Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner) June…

AI will save us, not kill us

Marc Andreesson of Andreesson Horowitz fame, the leading investor in fintech start-ups, published a long piece on how AI will save us the other day. It is well worth a read, but it is a long read (about 30 minutes) so, if you don’t have the time, here is a short summation of what he…

Why the SEC is chasing Coinbase, Binance, Ripple and more

A month ago, I discussed the American Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) case against Ripple, who are accused of trading securities with the question: are cryptocurrencies securities? Since then, the SEC has issued warrants against Binance and Coinbase, and seem to be in full flow to stand up against the crypto trading industry and bring…

The past, present and future of technology, finance and us

I recently presented at the DIFC’s first Dubai Fintech Summit on the past, present and future of banking, finance and technology. It was fun, but with only twenty minutes, it was fast. So, here is that presentation and transcript if you are interested … Slides:  Video: Transcript: Some of you may know me but,…

Why JPMorgan wins

I’ve written a lot about JPMorgan for over two decades, ever since Jamie Dimon took over the bank in 2004. Back then, it was notable that he made a decision to revoke a massive ten-year outsourcing contract with IBM. Industry watchers see Dimon’s fingerprints on Chase’s decision, announced Wednesday, to cancel the company’s $5 billion,…

Some challenger banks are challenged

I’ve written quite a lot about Revolut and Monzo, as well as many other challenger banks. Now, as we hit hard times with rising inflation, interest rates and a recession looming in so many markets what’s the state of the fintech nation? Well, it’s challenging for challengers. Some are doing well, but many are being called out for…

EU crackdown on crypto

It’s interesting how countries and regions are responding to all of the interest in cryptocurrencies. The European Union is the latest to make a move with DAC8. What’s DAC8? Well, it stands for Directive on Administrative Co-operation. The European Commission has proposed new tax transparency rules for all service providers facilitating transactions in crypto-assets for…

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