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The impact of BigTech on BankTech and FinTech (BIS report)

This month the Bank for International Settlements (BIS – the guys who do Basels) released a report on the implications of BigTech on FinTech and banking. The report is not what I expected, as it is far too simple in its thinking imho, but it is worth a read. Maybe next time, they’ll ask yours truly…

Being intelligent with data

I’m wondering about data access and privacy. There’s a balance. You can mine my data if you give me better service. If you cannot be bothered to be intelligent with my data however, then get lost. This thought occurs to me when I deal with any organisation. When Netflix loads, does it know the shows…

How Musk trashed twitter

I’ve noticed many dislikable trends since Elon Musk took over twitter. First, the system is broken. Rebranded as X, which no-one likes, the whole interface has changed. My main access was via tweetdeck, which is now only available via premium subscription, and then it does not work as before. For example, before, I could have…

Does your company suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

I have a dog and am worried he has Stockholm Syndrome. He seems to love me, but it’s only because I feed and walk him every day. By nature, the dog should be free. Thing is that, now that he’s three years old, he’s developed into a beautiful animal who is dedicated to me. As…

What is the purpose of money? (it’s not barter)

The confusion over the origins of money I, like most, thought money was invented to replace barter. I, like most, am wrong. Money has little to do with bartering. Money, in fact, has more to do with how society moved from villages and communities to societies and cities. Going back to the origins of money…

Is crypto the #1 choice for terrorist funding?

I hate stepping into controversy, and I know that this column is going to be really unpopular, but the latest reporting of terrorist funding using cryptocurrencies is seriously biased. This specifically relates to Hamas and Hezbollah in Gaza and Lebanon respectively. The latest violence taking place between Israel and Palestine is awful. No one can…

Dear Bank Manager

I liked this so much, it needed to be shared. It is a letter allegedly sent to my bank manager. Enjoy! Dear Bank Manager, I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavored to pay my plumber last month. By my calculations, three nanoseconds must have elapsed between his depositing…

Imagine Intelligent Money

I was talking about the vision of AI integrated with finance through APIs today. The vision is one where every transaction can be displayed through your devices via your apps. It’s the apps, API, AI economy. It means that wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you deal with and how can be drilled down…

The Finanser’s Week: 10th October – 15th October 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … Forget cashless as cash is the only payment system that works During the summer, there’s been a lot of news about cash. A new €500 banknote is coming whilst, on the converse, a lot of people have been discussing life using cash. Is cash still relevant? Do we…

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