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Recognising six (Canadian) bankers doing a good job

I just stumbled across a report in Canada’s Globe and Mail, recognising the top 50 business executives who have helped see the country through this year’s crisis. It recognises quite a lot of banking people, and I wouldn’t normally share such content … except that many of those selected were …

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Are banks funding our extinction?

Readers of my blog may have realised that, over recent years, I’ve become a little bit passionate about saving the world. It’s our world. It’s the only one we’ve got. I’m quite keen to keep it here for that reason. Whilst coronavirus, disease and pandemics drive our thinking, we should …

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2020 is K-shaped

Everyone was talking about a V-shaped recovery in March 2020. Then it went onto a dialogue about whether it might be U-shaped or even W-shaped. Now, some economists are talking about a K-shaped economy. Some say this is all about the haves and have nots – the upper half are those …

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