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A bank making a mark in mad bad times

The travel bans across Europe hit last week, we were told to stay at home, we are advised to self-isolate, our children’s schooling is cancelled, the supermarkets are working with face masks and social distancing … the world has changed. As a result of so many people losing short-term income …

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Our world is just a fiction

For a while, I presented the idea that our world is a fiction. It is a fiction based upon beliefs. We have shared beliefs. We believe the world is the way the world is. But the world isn’t this way. Borders. Borders don’t exist. We – humans – created borders. …

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Did you take the world for granted?

It’s very strange times. I’ve taken travel for granted. For years, I’ve been used to open borders, easy connectivity and access to airports. The internet then fuelled that ease of movement and connectivity. Suddenly, via social media, my friends are in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Mumbai, Lagos, Paris, Milan, New …

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The politics of pandemics

I was a little distraught over the weekend. With absolutely no warning, the Polish government closed the country’s borders. All flights and train travel banned. No inbound access at all, unless you are Polish or could provide Polish residency. No outbound access and, if you do leave and return, immediate …

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50 years of ranking 1000 banks

Some of you may know that I write a monthly column for The Banker magazine, and have been doing this for almost twenty years! But The Banker goes back way longer than my column. In fact, it began in January 1926 when the first issue was published and is now almost a century old. …

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The Finanser’s Week: 2nd March 2020 – 8th March 2020

The main blog headlines are … What does ‘digital transformation’ really mean? Buzzwords. We have a lot of them. Artificial, autonomous, augmented. Big data, blockchain, bilateral. Crypto, currency, consensus. Distributed, decentralised, democratised. I’m tempted to write the ABC of technology buzzwords, but know there cannot be any that start with …

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